Wednesday, May 12, 2010



more images and info coming soon...

Work 2009 tour shirt influenced by Sarah Bernat's drawing and Keith Boadwee's ravings

The Circle and Logo are based on the first Nirvana tshirt. I even flipped the K and turned the W to mimic their font

This is the Universal band shirt. Gold plastisol ink. I made this shirt for and installation and made a handful more for the High Castle u.s. tour 2008

My friend Margot, Adam C and I were in this band together. Shortly after either the bass player left or got kicked out (???) we changed our name to "Black Awareness" on 6/6/06. Margot drew the image and I drew the font

The only shirt for "Pebbles and Bam Bam". We played 5 shows under the name before changing up our music and changing the name to "Work". This is Plastisol ink... I remember having helluva time burning this screen

The Universal protest symbol. welcome to the 21st century. I believe this is the only "No Way" tshirt. Maybe I made one for my fried Jen too... It is over my favorite shirt... Its old and worn out and comfy.... the former text is something about how Left handed people make for better lovers. This is something I still make posters of... well because i made the design fairly recently.

This is the 2nd High Castle Shirt. The pyramid over the symbols was a drawing made by shaggy that she made for our cdr cover. We got stoned and drew all that other flaming carrot cap n jazz

I believe that this is the 3rd High Castle shirt. I began hating plastisol while working on this one. not my favorite image either...

This is the first High Castle shirt. yup.

this is the 4th High Castle Shirt... Grant Levalle and I collabed on the drawing. I believe this is the last time I have ever used or ever will use plastisol inks

This shirt was commissioned by Maniac gallery. I was based on a pencil drawing that I did so that is why it looks rather grainy. Maniac Gallery sold these at Next art fair in Chicago in 2009. It was a limited run. It was the first time that I made shirts on a) a consistent brand and b) all the same color fabric

This is one of several Child Pornography t shirts. I still have to track down alot more designs I have done for this band. The many heads are based on a photo of Angus Young from ac/dc in a guitar-faced-bliss moment

Bass of Base. Summer of '09 Bros. the concept was "this dude that is tearing off his face from all the bass"... while the bass isn't really represented I think I nailed down the dude.

This is the 2nd shirt I ever made... er design.... it is Anne Frank. It was actually a stencil I made for Nicole (former c.p. member). She then convinced me to make it a shirt. I decided to stop making them because I thought it was somehow wrong for her to be on a shirt like that... especially since the symbol became tied with our band, Child Pornography. So if you see any new ones out there... they are (a either fakes or b) me trying to make a fast buck cuz some new movie on her came out. People can change indeed.